Life Changing Retreats

Welcome To Thea Retreats

Nestled in the mountains above the world renowned beaches of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

THEA is a sacred space, dedicated entirely to wellness. Wether you are looking for an unforgettable adventure of deeply transformative healing, or to just relax and truly get away from it all, our concierge staff & team of over 20 of Costa Rica’s premier health & wellness experts will ensure your stay with us is truly life changing. 

At Thea we deliver custom crafted retreats, detox plans, juice cleanses and more. Everything tailored to join you in the most sacred journey of living a healthier and happier life.



Life changing experiences at Thea

5 days of raw food w/ Chef nena Murillo, Wellbeing & Empowering

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Join us for a 6 days / 5 nights life changing wellness vacation

Delicious Raw food (by chef Nena – Raw co. restaurant), Wellbeing and Empowering Retreat.

ENJOY Delicious food & self care

July 13-18

Join us at the beautiful Thea – life changing retreats – 6 days of delicious plant based healthy food and self care retreat, Learn about the healing properties of living foods while enjoying the detoxification of daily movement and energy work.

Wellness All Inclusive PackageS

Our unique signature retreats will rejuvenate you, mind, body & soul. Choose one of our all inclusive offerings as a base, & let us know how we can custom craft your experience to suit your interests, wellness goals & budget.


This retreat is a delicious reset, designed especially for those ready to increase Vitality, boost energy levels, and spring into a healthier lifestyle. a combination of Raw superfoods, healing juices and medicinal herbs will clear your mind, invigorate Your Body, rejuvenate your energies and leave you feeling like a brand new you!


Weight Loss is never just about the inches and pounds. At Thea we understand that many factors are at play and have designed a uniquely effective program to ensure you not only to begin losing weight immediately, but reach (exceed!) your long term weight and wellness goals.

Bring Your Group

Whether you are looking to connect with coworkers, family & friends or to share your expertise with your group, we honor & applaud your desire to create a sacred learning & transformation space for yourself and others. We know that with attention to detail a retreat can be truly life changing, & have created a dedicated space with the sole intention of making this possible. Please tell us more about you, & let us custom craft a retreat to suit your interests, wellness goals & budget.

Custom Crafted Retreats

Please tell us more about you, & let us custom craft a retreat to suit your interests, wellness goals and budget.