Cool off, lounge in the shade or soak in the sun, as you enjoy panoramic ocean Views from our natural all stone infinity pool & decks.

Each villa has a private walkway leading to the pool.

Infrared Sauna

Relax, detox and heal with infrared heat. Heat therapy has stood the test of time with Deep roots in Native American medicine, traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and more. Infrared Sauna emits infrared light on your skin for the Purpose of healing. The benefits are; increased blood flow & oxygenation of the Blood, removal of toxins from the skin, eliminate aches and pains, boost the immune System, anti-aging effects, improved skin tone, increased detoxification, joint and Muscle support, and cardiovascular healing to name a few.


Our very experienced massage therapists, trained to assist your body to Detoxify and relax at the same time. We, as humans, suppress and store pain, Traumas, emotions and all kinds of situations that we prefer not to deal with. Our fast and demanding life style has a toll, a good therapeutic massage can easily Assist us to fast recover, release and rejuvenate.

Dinning & Juice Fast

At Thea Food is as an important part of our daily healthy life style. Like movement and meditation, food is power and medicinal food is supreme power That will allow us to better perform.

Your stay at THEA includes a variety of delicious plant based breakfast options Three superfood packed meals per day or a 3-5 days of detoxifying juice cleanse Protocols, Our plant based meals & juices, made from 100% organic locally sourced Ingredients, with delicious tropical superfoods and medicinal herbs, many of which We grow in our own gardens!

Join us, so you can see for yourself what our detoxifying juice cleanse can do for You, how our deep healing juice Cleanse protocols proven to help so many people Reach a prefect balance of mind, Body & soul. prior to arrival, please tell us about Yourself, so we can better understand your specific needs, personalizing your own Protocol.

As a guest @ THEA we also have a dedicated space for your convenience we also Our Communal Kitchen, available 24/7.

Why Juice Fast?

Juice fasting has been proven to benefit our Bodies, in many different levels. Juice fasting is the ultimate kickstart to our immune system, in general and to our Digestive system in particular. when we allow our body to rest from our daily habits Such as refined carbs, saturated fats, toxic and processed food, having this break of Few days, replacing our routine diet with pure vitamins, minerals and electrolytes , The digestive system & liver can detoxify easily.combining juice fasting, movement / Exercise,Yoga will lead to excellent results. in a very short period of time. @ THEA We take pride in both prior to arrival just like after completion of the juice Fasting, by making sure you will be provided with easy to follow, special Personalized menus.

The Yoga Center

Our yoga shale, overlooking the ocean tucked in a beautiful tropical garden Becomes a transformative & empowering space to start your day. Join us to meet amazing teachers & mentors, who will teach us simple tools to Empower us, whether its Pilates, daily dance classes, meditation or Yoga. Enjoy moments of silence, blissful sounds, or may it be just a meditative space Our open space Yoga shale will be an imperative part of your journey at Thea.
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