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Senior Python + React Developer

Details of the selected Job

We are looking for a Senior Python + React Developer who is passionate about design, architecture and programming.


3+ years working in back-end web development with Python

3+ years working in front-end web development

Extensive programming experience with Django, Flask, Falcon, RabbitMQ

Extensive programming experience in HTML5, CSS3, SASS or LESS, and Bootstrap, Foundation or Materialize

Excellent Python knowledge and programming experience with PEP standards

Excellent Javascript knowledge and programming experience with ES5/ES6

Solid understanding and development experience in ReactJS

Experience building and consuming REST APIs

TDD/BDD experience (pytest, nose)

Experience with server-side and client-side architecture and also design patterns

Experience working with Docker or Vagrant

Experience with Relational Databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL and Non-Relational Databases like MongoDB or Cassandra

Experience with tools like Redux, Webpack, Angular CLI and/or Gulp

TDD/BDD experience (Jest, Jasmine, Karma or Chai)

Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations

Solid understanding and extensive experience with version control tools like Git, SVN or Mercurial

Exceptional problem solving and ability to work independently

Exceptional learning skills

Fluency in both oral and written English


Excellent work environment.

Career plan (training and certifications).

Benefits program.

Competitive salaries.

Private medical services.

Senior Python + React Developer

Thanks for participating!

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