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Senior Python + React Developer

Details of the selected Job

We are looking for a Senior Python + React Developer who is passionate about design, architecture and programming.


✅ 3+ years working in back-end web development with Python

✅ 3+ years working in front-end web development

✅ Extensive programming experience with Django, Flask, Falcon, RabbitMQ

✅ Extensive programming experience in HTML5, CSS3, SASS or LESS, and Bootstrap, Foundation or Materialize

✅ Excellent Python knowledge and programming experience with PEP standards

✅ Excellent Javascript knowledge and programming experience with ES5/ES6

✅ Solid understanding and development experience in ReactJS

✅ Experience building and consuming REST APIs

✅ TDD/BDD experience (pytest, nose)

✅ Experience with server-side and client-side architecture and also design patterns

✅ Experience working with Docker or Vagrant

✅ Experience with Relational Databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL and Non-Relational Databases like MongoDB or Cassandra

✅ Experience with tools like Redux, Webpack, Angular CLI and/or Gulp

✅ TDD/BDD experience (Jest, Jasmine, Karma or Chai)

✅ Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations

✅ Solid understanding and extensive experience with version control tools like Git, SVN or Mercurial

✅ Exceptional problem solving and ability to work independently

✅ Exceptional learning skills

✅ Fluency in both oral and written English


✅ Excellent work environment.

✅ Career plan (training and certifications).

✅ Benefits program.

✅ Competitive salaries.

✅ Private medical services.

Senior Python + React Developer

Thanks for participating!

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