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Albert Tierney

Personal Training Coach

Albert has dedicated his life to being physically active through sports and training. He has always been highly engaged in athletics, partaking in sports such as hockey, soccer, rugby, basketball, boxing, and newest beloved sport, surfing.

Albert has graduated with an honors in Kinesiology and Physical Education, specializing in fitness assessment and exercise physiology. He was an admired employee for the Wilfrid Laurier Athletics Department for his entire University career. Upon graduating, Albert was thrilled to receive the Award of Excellence for Personal Training from his institution. He continued to excel his fitness career working with a highly recognized training establishment in Canada before finding his home in Costa Rica.

Albert’s ongoing 6-year journey in the fitness industry has transformed numerous people’s bodies and minds. Exercises provides such a long list of physical and mental benefits which Albert recognizes in order to push people past their limits. Albert is very passionate in the training and development of an individual’s health and wellness. He truly enjoys learning about the beauty and power of the human body and provides top training principles to his clients, ensuring they achieve maximum results.

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