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Anne Skjoth

Holistic Chef and Teacher.

Trained as an advanced, raw food, vegan chef Anne Skjøth works with food as medicine. Her journey started as her own quest for renewal and healing after moving from Denmark to the nurturing land of Costa Rica. Her mission is to spread awareness on how the food we eat can heal us, prevent diseases and enhance our energy flow.

Combined with her knowledge of nutrition and her yoga teacher training she uses food to work with the bodies energies. She recognises the body’s unique constitution and believe the food we eat can heal us faster and more profoundly than the most expensive prescription drugs with only positive side effects. A healthy body is one of the foundations for working with stagnant energies and spiritual growth. Chakra food and cooking with the elements show us how this is all connected.

Processing all her ingredients herself Anne makes food with care and intention. Every ingredient is consciously chosen – not only for its flavour but also to build health.

Anne works with clients with thyroid disorders, other autoimmune disorders and allergies to reset their digestive systems and strengthen the immune system through a tailored whole food, plant based diet. She trains other chefs, she teaches food, offers full retreat cooking, workshops, consultancy as well as one to one wellness coaching.

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