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Bobi Thomson

Self Defence

Learn the most common ways individuals are attacked. Women are often stalked, followed, grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground where as men tend to have more territorial, face to face confrontations. Learn to recognize different strategies and the psychology of assailants Preparing you mentally and physically to handle the full range of challenging situations we all face in our daily lives, including the danger of extreme circumstances.

You will learn how to: 1. Avoid danger by heightening your awareness 2. Shorten your body’s natural “freeze” response 3. Capitalize on your adrenaline rush 4. Assess situations quickly and respond decisively 5. Use your voice, brain, body and spirit to stay safe 6. Boundary setting using realistic verbal skills 7. recognizing pre contact indicators 8. Gage distance, read the dynamics, dissuad/descalate and defend yourself with simple techniques that are easy to learn and easy to execute.

Bobi has taught full contact, full force Self defense for over 2 decades. Her personal experience with violence gives her first hand understanding of the physiological and emotional repercussions of assault creating a safe atmosphere.

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