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Gregory Balaban

Tai Chi Chuan

Gregory Balaban teaches long form Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as taught to him by Master Kai Ying Tung. Gregory is a 25 year Tai practitioner. Learn the health and martial applications of this amazing Art which improves flexibility, develops better balance, calms mind and spirit.

About Me

I began practicing Tai Chi Chuan in 1990. I studied Yang style Tai Chi with Master Kai Ying Tung in Los Angeles. He taught the long form, push hands, staff, sword and knife among other things. I teach the long form and some push hands. I focus on the health benefits but I include application so the student understands what their hands and feet are doing. The soft circular movements help to promote a flexible and strong body. I know through my experience that this art helps with balance, strength and peace of mind. It is a pleasure to introduce people to “The Way Of Rejuvenation”.

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