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Julia Beate Müler

Biomagnetic Therapy

Julia is a Certified Reiki Therapist and completed her Biomagnetism certification in Germany in 2015, after which she has performed treatments daily for nearly two years. As a mother of two young sons, Julia has seen the amazing

benefits of biomagnetic therapy on her own kids, and is motivated with a strong passion to help people and their children achieve optimum health in harmony with their bodies.

With twenty years’ experience working with the pendulum for intuitive healing, trusting the natural power of the body to heal itself, Julia’s therapy sessions offer a well-rounded basis for exploring the deep health benefits of biomagnetism to rid the body of harmful pathogens. Julia also distills her own medicinal herbal tinctures made from traditional tropical plant medicine, as a complement to her biomagnetic therapies.

Upon request, your therapy session can also include Reiki and chakra balancing, as well as psycho-emotional healing with the magnets. Julia’s healing philosophy: I don’t heal people; I help people heal themselves.

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