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Machteld Van Riet

Energy Healing

Maggy has always been a true healer at heart. In her previous career as a dentist she used complementary medicine like fytotherapy, aromatherapy, and foot reflexology to help her patients heal on a deeper level.

After being a mother and moving to Costa Rica, she opened up more to her spiritual talents as she also could use her studies from polarity medicine and kinesiologist to fine tune her aura readings.

She has become a clear channel and visionary, guided by crystalline energy and many spiritual beings, to help and attune people to a more harmonious frequency.

Maggys Energetic Healing Sessions In Maggys healing sessions she opens her self up to serving your deepest needs of healing, she connects with her Universal guides/ angels to bring the energy and information down that is needed in your current situations/ life issues.

In her magical presence, you’ll feel relaxed and calm immediately, as she works with your crystalline light energy around your body and aura, simultaneously channeling conversations from your guides and angels directly to you.

Although every session with her is slightly different, they all offer deep relief and transformation on all levels.

Her healings are extremely useful for release of unwanted energies and stagnant blocks, her healings amplify your natural life force energy, bringing you back to your center, allowing for more healthy energy flow into your truest life path.

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