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Miguel del Mar

Holistic massage therapist & teacher

Abdominal Detox Massage-CNT, Craneosacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points.

Del Mar has been a therapist for more than 12 years, passionate about therapies and techniques of healing from around the world. He understands his work as being a channel or an aid to the process of self-healing of each human being. His search has led him to travel the world studying and sharing his constant learning of techniques and therapies that collaborate together for an authentic conception of health.

He offers  Abdominal Detox Massage-Chi Nei Tsang, Chiromassage, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Shamanic Therapies and Trigger Points among other therapies to help each client to understand the complexity of their being, psyche, body, mind and spirit, and how all these planes interact.

He believes that the listening, the presence, the touch, the consciousness, the stillness and finally the LOVE help you generate the space for the transformation.

The conscious touch through presence leads him to reach a meditative state, so each session for Miguel is a meditative practice with intention to practice of benevolent love (METTA).

A therapy in that state has the ability to transcend the body, from love and presence we receive information from each body and the client may reach deep levels of healing to release physical tensions and also emotions, traumas, blockages, and the session may facilitate a higher state of consciousness and at the same time a more grounded connection to the earth.

Miguel believes that health can be defined as a good adaptation to the constant changes that happen to us as living beings.

He loves working with families and groups of people and inspiring in them the sacred path of health and self-healing.

Vipassana meditation has been a strong influence for his work. 

Miguel is also a Thai Yoga Massage Teacher and offers courses and workshops on conscious touch and meditation through touch. He also teach hypopressive abdominal gymnastics and pelvic floor and self massage.

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