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Noa Bar

Zen Buddhist Psychology & Energetic Cleanse

Zen Buddhist Psychology & Energetic Cleanse

Noa Bar is an Emotional Therapist, a Mentor of Inner Peace & Awareness. Noa is a mother of five amazing kids.

The search for happiness brought Noa, a Graphic Designer in the past, and a Mentor in the present, to embark a journey of Love, Awareness and Empowerment.

After 10 years of operating a successful clinic in Israel, she and her husband had moved to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to LIVE THE DREAM.  In her private clique, she is practicing Buddhist Psychology, Breath Technics as well as Meditations and Yoga Philosophy.

The Physical Body, The Mental Body and The Spiritual Body are ONE. In order to become healthy, we need to be BALANCED. Suffering constantly out of STRESS will be shown as ILLNESSES in the Physical Body. Our Soul which is a Quantic Energy is the one that suffers, as our desires and dreams are not being fulfilled, but the illness will be shown in the Physical Body, which is a Magnetic Energy. Theses two energies are resonating in order to align to the higher Intelligence of Nature, of any Human Beings and to the Entire Universe.

When we suffer from pain, whether emotional or physical, we drown into the low frequencies of energy. Noa teaches, to strive for Awareness and to ascend to the high frequencies of the Love Energy as part of the HEALING PROCESS.

Through the Energetic Cleanse, patients can relive and powerfully experience past experiences and traumas that have remained “inaccessible” for years, as well as unleash the distress of the present.

The treatment is intended for those suffering from Chronic Health Symptoms such as:

  • Mental and Physical Stress

  • Depression & Addictions (Drags, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Sugar, etc.)

  • Digestive System & Stomach

  • The Immune System

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

  • Chronic Muscle Aches

  • Kidney and Urine Diseases

  • Skin and Hair Symptoms

  • Imbalance Hormonal System

  • and much MORE…

* The treatment in general is intended for EVERYONE! It improves the quality of Breathing, Thinking and mostly, Living life like Nature had created us.

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