Thea is a corner stone of well being and nutrition in Santa Teresa beach Costa Rica. Adi, founder of Thea, is a nutrition consultant, wellness mentor and Reiki master who dedicates her life to in-light and guide people by personalizing their own journey to a new healthier way of living. 

Together with a rich network of premier health & wellness experts, at Thea we offer you the options of joining our existing signature retreats or to plan your own custom made juice fast detox and healing from within get away.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 2020


Available every week

Join us at Thea Retreats for an epic cleanse led by Adi Mayer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher Fern Olivia. This cleanse was designed to detox, reboot and recharge your hard working liver and digestive system. Join the group activities as well for a powerful and healing transformative journey.

5 days of raw food Wellbeing & Empowering, W/ CHEF NENA MURILLO

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Join us for a 6 days / 5 nights life changing wellness vacation.

Delicious Raw food (by chef Nena – Raw co. restaurant), Wellbeing and Empowering Retreat.

enjoy delicious food & self care

July 13-18

Join us at the beautiful Thea – life changing retreats – 6 days of delicious plant based healthy food and self care retreat. Learn about the healing properties of living foods while enjoying the detoxification of daily movement and energy work.

detox your liver in a nourishing environment

July 20-30

A healthy liver sorts out nutrients and other helpful natural compounds from toxins, and works to neutralise these toxins so they become less harmful when they travel through our bloodstream.

Wellness All Inclusive Package

revitalizing Detox Retreat

This retreat is a delicious reset, designed especially for those ready to increase vitality, boost energy levels, and spring into a healthier lifestyle. A combination of raw superfoods, healing juices and medicinal herbs will clear your mind, invigorate your body, rejuvenate your energies and leave you feeling like a brand new you!

acheive your optimal weight and wellness goals

Weight Loss is never just about the inches and pounds. At Thea we understand that many factors are at play and have designed a uniquely effective program to ensure you not only to begin losing weight immediately, but reach (exceed!) your long term weight and wellness goals.

Move, Relax, Nourish

Have you ever thought why we enjoy going out dancing? It’s mainly because through dance & movement, we can release our entire mind and body. It is as ancient as we can remember in different societies around our globe Movement of all sorts is part of our culture going way back. 

healing and empowering retreat for women

An empowering feast for your senses! This one is a retreat for women, by women. Designed to spoil & inspire each and everyone of us. Connect to your femininity on all levels. Enjoy the expert guidance of inspiring mentors. Relax and rejuvenate as you enjoy the pristine nature around, pampering accommodations and spectacular amenities.

De-Stress, unwind and recharge

One of the biggest threats in our daily routine now days, is stress. We all surround ourselves with competitive and wanna-be lifestyle habits, creating stressful routine, which will have an immediate effect on our happiness & health status, we can help you cope and change this asap!

get away, retreat for couples

Let us custom craft a perfect, unique experience for you & your loved one.

We know how important it is, to take time just for the two of you, we promise you that your time with us will be truly unforgettable.


We live sorrounded by a toxic lifestyle, the body can’t detox daily anymore. Our body gives us signs but most of the time we are suppressing it  with immediate solutions. It is time to listen to our bodies. Join us for a 5 days juice fast Detox , Daily exercise, body work, healing and fun!

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