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FREE AS A BUTTERFLY: My life as a natural medicine’s advocate.

by Adi Mayer

I have always been a Natural Medicine’s advocate. As a child I refused to take antibiotics for throat infection and always liked to visit our village’s doctor, just to hear him say that I should just drink lots of water to be fine…. I loved this magical medicine… Water! I never enjoyed junk or fast food, and the first time I tried pizza was at 29 in order to try and be “normal”. In fact, I have always been vegetarian and now vegan (so much better!). At the age of 30 I gave myself a birthday gift -a 5 days detox- with a very knowledgable wise man, and the magic happened, I understood my purpose in this life time! I am here to spread the magic as much as I can! All the gates became open for me, I was (and still am) seeking information, knowledge and masters. The first thing I did was to try detox on myself; I changed my habits and my diet became cleaner and cleaner everyday. I met amazing teachers, healers and mentors to learn more and more about the powers of detox, super foods and herbs as medicine. With time, I healed from chronic migraines and minor allergies, my energy levels raised and I became happier and healthier easily. And what is more, all of these results both on me and on others, were immediate. I have always felt like my mission in this lifetime is to be in service for others, to help them and show them how to heal in a different way, so it was easy for me to devote my life to that purpose, and to keep it as my main goal. Nature has everything for us to heal and be stronger. Today, at the age of 44 I feel younger, happier and way more healthy and active than I was when I was 20. I am a free butterfly in my own body! I wish I can inspire and influence to tap into the wisdom of Nature, as many people as I can, and to show them that freedom is just around the corner.

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