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by Bianca Röwekamp

As the collective consciousness is rising, personal development and holistic healing are booming like never before. The focus on nutrition, movement, sleep, mindfulness, and breathing enables us to reach elevated states of being and live more in tune with nature and our bodies. But our sexuality as a fundamental aspect of our evolution as humans is still overlooked.

While our sexuality should be part of a conscious lifestyle as much as meditation is, it is still vastly ignored, if not heavily suppressed.

Why do we neglect this essential part of our existence? What is it that makes us shy away from acknowledging our sexuality as a pathway to personal growth?

It seems that 2000 years of systematic sexual suppression has taken its toll on humanity. The guilt and shame we inherited as a result to this madness are causing us to unconsciously disconnect from the superpowers that lie dormant within our own magnificent bodies.

The transformation of sexual energy into life force energy is something that ancient traditions all over the world have in common. It is also said that Beethoven, Gandhi, Davinci and many other pioneers achieved higher states of genius through tapping into this force.

Our sexual energy can act as rocket fuel behind all our creations and give us that glow and attractiveness that makes us magnetic to our desires. It can facilitate a direct access to the infinite intelligence that is inherent within all beings.

Sadly, most people unconsciously expel their sexual energy instead of harnessing and transforming it, resulting in a lack of motivation, creativity, personal power, and fulfillment.

Also, sexual hang-ups, such as difficulties to “perform”, addiction to pornography, low libido, the inability to open up sexually and many more are issues that root in not knowing how to move this energy.

This is how hour-long and multiple orgasms for both men and women are possible. This is where sex becomes so profoundly satisfying that any unhealthy sexual habit effortlessly falls away. This is where our sexuality becomes a gateway to expanded consciousness.

Consciously moving, storing and channeling sexual energy is something that literally everyone can learn. It’s a delightful, fun and enriching experience that can effortlessly be integrated into our sexual experience and daily life to one’s liking.

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